#382 (Nebuchadnezzar)

Million miles away,

the Nebuchadnezzar took

my breath and my body.

Unbothered by deep

sea’s pressure, we cruised

for ancient treasure,

crushing corals in our wake.

The end always justified the

means in the dark blue world,

your promise became a mantra

as I sacrificed my conscience

on the altar of greed. Gentle

sound of turbines rocking

my dreams as the submarine

cradled me like my mother’s arms

back then when I knew how to love,

untainted by your vicious

Midas’ touch. Always more,

always deeper and never looking

back, tearing the ocean bed,

eating away at the maritime

abundance, your face glowing

like the light of sea-devils.

Never did I question our intention,

guilty by association as they would

say today, but back then my

ignorance was deeper

than the ocean.

© Matthias Geh, 7th July 2018



  1. Wow, beautiful voice to this write and awesome, tastefully, thought out metaphors . Great flow as well. You ARE a Poet!

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