#392 (perpetuum mobile)


I wonder whether

we are a love song

or a bitch track,

meandering between

teasing and wanting

to be hugged, enveloped

completely by each other’s

arms. Those seven centimeters

you stand taller, yet often

aim lower when the time comes.

Ignoring my need to stop,

you kept swinging, perpetuum

mobile. I closed the door, shut

down the lights, my gaze

averted to the inside.

Four minutes of your day

you weren’t willing to spare

yet you gave even more

once you remembered the

pleasure of pouring sound,

revolving patterns, important

matters. You took it to heart,

my wish was not your command

but you commanded your choice

and let us choose again, the

tracks to our evening, an exercise

in patience and pleasure

at once.


© Matthias Geh, 11th July 2018



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