#394 (bold ballet)

Leslie, the lucky lesbian

from London loves long

lasting laser shows, lavender

lollypops and lentils, living the life

in Lithuania.

Greg, the gorgeous gay from Graz,

goes on grindr, giggling,

galvanized to get it on,

giving guys great

getaways in Greece.

Bea, the beautiful bisexual

from Bratislava blows bubbles,

believes her bras burn brighter

in Berlin and bakes

brioches in Belfast.

Herman, the healthy heterosexual

from Hottó hurls halva

into hungry human holes,

has a humid home and

hungers for

homegrown horseradish.

Otto the original omnisexual,

olfactorically off, oblivious of

ostensible ordeals, ordering

oregano omelettes in Oregon,

offers orgies

in Oslo.

Paula, the protestant pansexual,

purifies Pierogis in Pensylvania,

pestering puritans with pink

pecan pies, pretending to play

along, planning power plays

to protect pride in Poland.


© Matthias Geh, 11th July 2018



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