#397 (short time memory loss)

The collective short time memory

of our society is diminishing

one post at a time. A story

becomes a conversation, becomes

a flame war, becomes obsolete

within the amount of time you

need to click onto the next headline,

promising new revelations in screaming

letters. Compassion had become a currency

and went broke after hitting the stock

exchange of human misery. The filters

we apply, protecting our self-image and

keeping anxiety at bay, we use them like

cheap cheese on a left-over casserole,

making the truth more palpable and hiding

any unwanted parts of reality. Fame is measured

in numbers, the fifteen minutes have been

reduced to a tired swipe. Sensationalism has broken

our backbone, replacing it with the potent

delusion of global awareness.

Although we celebrate the rescue of twelve boys,

the corpses floating in the Mediterranean Sea

won’t even pour into our feeds.

Who cares about human rights anyways

if you can bask in the glory of having prayed

for the poor young ones, craving oxygen as we

are craving our next news fix.


© Matthias Geh, 12th July 2018



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