#399 (naked on the dancefloor)

Our perception

of  truth it seems is

limited by love and

experience, yet we seek

the bright eyes of

Justitia, that undeniable

inkling. Lies come dressed

in many forms. The colour

of your lips, the elegantly shaped

cat eye. Your curves covered in

flowing fabric, omitting

the parts you don’t want to

share with the cruel gaze

of others. The truth may set

you free, but be sure you are

ready to be freed from desire,

once the trance leaves and the

glorious body you danced with,

falls at your feet, a crumpled

shell of flesh. The spell of

disillusionment, a tangible

thread, silver lights, braided

and interwoven, fractured by

mirrorballs adorning  pleasure

domes. Your feet facing

North, your face fading within

pulsating strobe lights you may

grab the luminous apple of truth

or choose to lie naked

on the dancefloor.


© Matthias Geh, 13th July 2018


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