#401 (night out)

Submerged in sweat and soda,

deep basslines melting through

their spine. Blue scales and golden

feathers gracing bronzed skin, a

chain of rhinestones celebrating

every wrinkle in a face full of stars,

smelling like ozone and suncream.

They lost their tickets to the merry-go-round

of intoxication, black hat, blue dress,

three wishes, blown into the night,

like the fog fluids dampening their sight.

Leaden snakes creeping along exposed

ankles, the way back home alleviated by

the comfort of conversation. Two

spacechildren talking death and intimacy,

survivors of a generation lost to pills and

endless opportunities. The glitter had

destroyed the floor, so nobody dared to wear

it anymore, but these two. Their faces

rivaling the starlit night, celebrating all

queens, who had paved their way into this

mysterious road, we call adulthood.


© Matthias Geh, 14th July 2018
for Sid 🖤





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