# 423 (kiss her back)

Aphrodite’s kiss

filling your mind,

it pours and pours,

a waterfall of sheer

pleasure until there

is no room left

for anything but

desire, MORE!

Everything you are,

replaced by this

insane hunger and

the more you make

love, the more it


The only way

to not go insane

might be kissing

her back, grabbing

her marble cheeks,

staring straight into

those eyes like

maniac swans. Do it

as tenderly as you

can, your mouth

like feathers. Ignore

her thorny lips and the

pungent smell of burning

myrtle. Squeeze out

everything you are,

make it last

and maybe, maybe

she’ll accept and

withdraw. But who knows,

eventually the old gods

are vain and lofty like

us humans and she might

choose to cut you open

with a  sickle

wreathed from

rose petals.


© Matthias Geh, 18th July 2018





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