#432 (how jackals grin in every corner)

spit it out

the bile that is

corporate greed

spit it into the gutters

let it blend with stale beer

and urine


nobody is safe

there are lizards

in the sewers

sucking out

the marrow

of your old friend’s bones

you know, the ones

you sold out for that

sweet promotion

you are enjoying

so immensely, except

that hollow in your chest

spreading like a cancer

but worry not, you won’t

have to feel it much longer

numb already those faint

traces of compassion

still glowing like the ghost

of a burnt out

light bulb

how jackals grin

in every corner

except you keep


to look at them,

bound your gaze

to that dark plasma

screen, adorning

your empty living

room, but then again

this room seems more

like a mausoleum.


Farewell oh human heart

for you have lost your

purpose in this

world that knows

no decay, a shriveled

token, a reminder

for the living and those

withering away in

their castles built of

oil and paper.

© Matthias Geh, 19th July 2018

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