#435 (know doubts)

When others

generate income

don’t panic

if all you can manage

is to generate

creative energy.

It might not pay, but

have you ever tasted

leftover lasagna, or built

your own furniture?

There is nothing that you can’t

find in some dusty box

on the street

or at a flea market

for a song or two.

Don’t worry about

dry spells, they keep

you thirsty for more.

And if the coins

start rolling:

don’t ever doubt

you earned them.

Doubt your

haircut, your shoes,

your clothes, your

living arrangements,

but never doubt your

own success. It is not

about any of the latter,

but about

how many people

you manage to touch

with your unique

vision of the world.

If everything fails:

get a day job,

it helps to pay

the bills and keeps

you grounded

unless you become

a pilot.


© Matthias Geh, 20th July 2018






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