#436 (intertwined)

The way your big hand

is lying on my side of the bed

invading my space, yet I

welcome its touch,

fingers intertwined,

a vow underneath

your heavy breathing.

You’ve always been

a fast sleeper, while

I always had to save

the world before my

head was heavy enough

to sink into the pillow.


© Matthias Geh, 20th July 2018


  1. Very well written. And I feel the same way, too: Sometimes I have to analyze and overthink every single thought inside my head before my brain finally exhausts itself enough to fall asleep. But a lot of my poetry comes from that kind of thinking, so it’s not all too bad.

    1. Thank you, Kat. It is even trickier for me. The tiniest things are able to pull me from sleep, but I’m used to it, using the time I spend waking to create and go to bed later. Thanks for your comment and glad you could relate!

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