#438 (fireflies)

Fireflies filling the rusted

lantern, your grasp was slowly

failing. The air rich with

gasoline and the hooting

of nocturnal owls, mating

in the crowns of old beeches.

A burst of light as hundreds

of luminescent bodies escaped

into the starless night, taking

away your fear, as you gawked

at their flight, glowing patterns

across the clearing. Without

a light you stumbled yet the

embers in your hopeful heart

drew an invisible line between

you and me, meeting on a huge

oak stump, our foreheads bowed

and I closed my eyes as your lips

found me. That night we danced

between the clouds, our warmth

softened by the summer breeze,

resting on emerald moss, until

the darkness spit us out into

the awakening maw of

Friday morning


© Matthias Geh, 20th July 2018

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