#444 (Concrete Walker II)+ Recording

As he approached the bunch of sheds forming the only habitat for humans within a

radius of 400 miles, he scanned his surroundings for any hostility. But everybody was

gathered around a fire, watching some cacti fruit being slowly roasted on sticks,

oblivious to the strange presence upon their threshold. Then a small boy, gazing at the

clouds from his father’s lap spotted him and started to blabber incoherently. The

villagers stared at him, some standing up, brandishing sharp spears, their tips clearly

laced with a poison of sort. That he could tell by the evil green glint on the whetted flint.

“I mean you no harm”, he projected his voice and as a sign of peace presented the small

loaf of bread. Suddenly the whole mood shifted, the elders sitting near the fire started

crying while the younger ones were dumbfounded by this token from a past, they thought

was long lost between the rubbles. “I wish to share this loaf with you,” he continued

“and I know where to get more of it.” One of the tall, spear-wielding women stepped ahead,

the fire reflected fiercely in her hooded eyes, the colour of amber. “We know the likes of

you wandering salesmen and we have nothing to give you in exchange. So if you want to

march about spreading false hope I’d urge you to leave the same way you came.” Some of

her fellows nodded and mumbled their agreement, others were looking quizzical at his

strange appearance, the hat, the goggles, the weird tools hanging from his belt made of

a shiny blue material, that seemed intricately folded and at the same time somehow

woven. With a soft sigh he continued to speak: ” I am neither a salesman nor am I

spreading hope. The only reason I came to you is to refill my flask, share my food and

listen to your stories.”.

“Our stories have been distorted and used by the demons who made our world into this.”

She waved her right hand, showing the surrounding desert, the shabby huts and ragged

clothes. “How do you think we are interested in telling you our story? What could that

possibly benefit our tribe?” She gazed at him in anger and also a little confusion. Why

wasn’t he leaving? Was his persistence a sign of danger (probably) or was he worthy of

her trust? The stranger withstood her gaze and replied: “Then maybe you

would allow me to share my own story first?”


(to be continued)


Listen to my recording of the story over here


© Matthias Grupe, 21st July 2017

Note: The change in perspective is intended.

Bear with me to find out about the story of the wanderer.

# 437 (Concrete Walker I)


  1. there was an “M” in the first part. I don’t want to think too much but wold it have significance in the future of this people? I like you way of introducing that traveler, reminded me of a scene from the series Vikings, where a stranger enters the village and creates conflicting emotions. nice Matthias, very nice so far. reading on. your strength is in creating the landscape. very descriptive.

    1. Yeah, I’m trying to carve out the characters. It is harder for me, than to describe… The M will have a comeback I think.

      Thank you for reading and giving feedback, much appreciated! I keep the story in one file and reread it every time I go on, but it is hard to keep track and not get side-tracked, although I want to explore more parts of the world.

      But it is exciting to do it and I decided to publish it bit by bit until the story has reached its end and I can put it between two covers. 🙂

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