#445 (proud/afraid)

I was not proud

carrying that banner

I was aware of how

the colour of my skin

and my heritage make

me less of a target, no

matter how much glitter

I throw at myself. I’m

just a white fag, wearing

a flag of inclusion. The

man at the convenience

store has no time to march.

He is worrying about his

future and the future of

his children, lost in a country

they cannot fully comprehend

even after twenty years.

“Look, mommy! Those people”

“Yes, dear, they look pretty and

colourful, right?!” Well, we do

look colourful and we might be

pretty, but pretty doesn’t help

the revolution, pretty sells albums

and books and feeds the mouths

of agents. Pretty won’t cut it, I

wish to be fierce. As fierce as those

trans* children, showing themselves,

maybe they are afraid, but the crowd

disperses their fears, shares them,

passes them around, compares them

with each and every one’s fears. The

the fear to be seen, the fear to become

invisible, the fear to be thrown out of

your home, the fear to be recognized by

somebody at work, the fear of not fitting

into a community that is supposed to include

you, but eventually  fails, the fear to get hurt,

the fear to get mutilated and the fear to get

killed for what you are and what you cannot change.

Those fears are what makes us. It makes us sad,

it makes us angry and if we march then we have

the fucking right to be PROUD whenever we walk

in public for facing those fears, for overcoming them,

for retaining our humanity.


© Matthias Geh, 21st July 2018
Photo: Anna Abraxa



  1. It is so very heartbreaking that those fears in which you speak exist. I think I now understand why so many people are so lonely!? They shut so many people out of their lives for a chance for vibrancy, due to “Fear”! Truth filled piece you have written! Bravo for being yourself! And presenting a strong voice for equality, and acceptance! How soon we forget that not a one of us are perfection. Love.

    1. It seems that many people tend to think that the struggle’s of others are far less real than their own. This might be due to a lack of compassion or a lack of ressources (ressources in this case being knowledge and the time to apply it). It is my honour to use my voice for humanistic values. Thank you for your comment, much appreciated!

      1. I could talk with you for hours. Ha! I am enjoying where your heart and mind are taking you. It can be a lonesome poetic road at times? But there are also so many people who feel vulnerable to have that voice, and they are the ones who are listening. Bravo on your journey to accomplishing your dreams and poetic purpose!!

      2. I do enjoy the company of m words. And I truly hope that the people who need to hear them are listening. It helps if people share my work and also talking about particular important topics is dear to my heart. I just talked to a friend yesteray: We need to show people that the world they live in is only one of Billions. Poetry can accomplish this Herculean task much better, thatn mere conversation but I might add that I enjoy our talks as well. 🙂

      3. International contact, great stuff right? Thank you! and yes you are right when you mention poetry accomplishing the Herculean task. I feel ecstatic when encouragement and inspiration are still alive and well!! I wish that I could live to see peace become a reality. There are so many people on the Earth now, I just don’t know how this will occur? I just hope the gates of Hell will hold! People are getting restless for resolve all over the globe. Keep writing powerful truths!

      4. Us poets breathe wind and fire into those two qualities every day, I guess. Well, I don’t know about your age, but maybe you’ll see change. I don’t know what the future holds, my gaze is as limited as yours. But I know what I want to bring into the future. Commitment, passion, intimacy, love…. and of course a lot of poetry, to distill and unite all of the aforementioned. 🌙

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