Persephone – Matthias Grupe

My latest piece at FVR Publishing is following the dark thread of Persephone.

FVR Publishing


The tunnel

doesn’t seem

to end. Darkness

wrapped around her

like a second skin. Shallow

breaths as she is unsure

how many there might be

left. Specks of light dancing

behind her eyelids, yet they

are nothing but memories

of a time when she wasn’t

stumbling in this nocturnal

wasteland. No sounds, not even

the clicking of her heels on

unyielding concrete. The dark

swallows everything, her sadness,

her desires, her courage. A single

whimper dares to escape her

trembling lips, just to be devoured

by the infinite gloom. Anger blossoms

and withers within a heartbeat, everything

becomes part of the night, her heart

cold and opaque. Her once loving gaze

gone blind and she wishes for a knife,

doomed to trod on forever.

image: Matthias Grupe

Matthias works as an educator by day and a poet by night. He searches for magic sparks in the interspaces, between the cracks of…

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      1. hmm…makes me wonder about those living in Arctic circles, here it’s sun all year round, never can imagine a sunless existence, yes madness would surface totally.

      2. I’m keeping that in mind. A side-project of mine is a dystopian narration about a future, where there was a time of a darkened sky, due to nuclear fallout. Mere biology would dicate, that humans would die, being totally deprived of sunlight.. but then again there is technology. It is an uncertain field, but something that is worth exploring, so thank you for your comment, it somehow helped me in mapping my further writing process.

      3. i day dream about dystopian world’s and tying in NDE’s (near death experiences) to those imaginings. but science and biology are a good guideline for writing those genres. In a world with no sun, we can create artificial light for vegetation and Vitamin D tablets to ensure skeletal development in humans but that process could take on so many different turns and themes. throw in some arsenic poisoning from the fallout and you have even more intrigue. I may be taking down a very dark path but your musings have triggered some crazy ideas! I would be very interested to see how your story pans out. Your ideas are worth pursuing. Best of luck on them!

      4. It is an ongoing story I publish here, you can find it, using the tag concrete walker. I’d be interested in your feedback. I scratched at the darkness of a post-fallout world but am yet to create the world they are moving through.

      5. ok will surely get there and read it! stories evolve on their own and it can surprise you how they have this almost physical manifestation. i read sometime ago how a writer changed her story end just a few hours before it was to go to her editor, the story nagged at her till she did that! the more we become part of the world we write on, we get more clarity and power to create.

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