#487 (commodities)

Too many people,

walking the promenade,

pushing around their

offspring, like they were

commodities, building

mud castles, slamming

doors and behind them,

the tragedy takes place.

Spiteful words, powerless

hands, the vacation releases

the dark potential behind

every smiling bright shirt.

Everything for the children,

yet I found myself in a space,

where one schedule is replaced

by another. Where is the sea?

It is falling tide, my dear,

don’t ask again, we already

told you and please sit up

straight and fold your hands,

nobody wants to see your

dirty palms, don’t

you know?


© Matthias Grupe, 9th August 2018

Picture: Erwan Hesry, via unsplash


  1. “Pushing around their offspring like they were commodities”. That’s exactly what I myself have seen. People say their kids are precious to them, and there is great truth in their words, but it is also hugely true that they so often treat their kids like commodities.


    1. Sadly enough it seems that children to some people are the ultimate status symbol. I have met many great and caring parents but there is an inherent element of selfishness in having children. Thanks for your feedback!

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