#493 (paper boats)

That place

both imaginary

and very real that

bred the most

exquisite clouds,

orchestrating concerti

with wind and waves,

growing garlands of

rosehips and reeds,

it needed some stickers

here and there to adorn

vagrant lamp posts, yet

encompassed simple beauty

the ebb and flow of

activity and leisure

interwoven between

the harsh aromas of

drying seaweeds and

decaying crustaceans,

I found your invisible

ring, as we christened

the shores by building

paper boats from

the pages of our

Book of Love.


© Matthias Grupe, 10th August 2018

Picture: Mitodru Ghosh via unsplash



  1. I liked how this shifted at the end. It began so solitary, as if building a coffin with words. But then, the connective-ness of love and plurality of boats, took me someplace else. Of course, it could be from a reflective perspective, but i would like to believe those boats are still sailing, battling against any storm.
    Great piece.

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