Blog Critique: Café Philos

To say that Paul’s blog, Café Philos, is a “philosophy blog” would be quite accurate but on the other hand couldn’t be more misleading. Paul has dedicated his platform to providing a place for all sorts of curious minds to come together and well, talk about anything you can and cannot fit into the huge concept of “philosophy”.

The host of this virtual café –  because really this is not just a blog, it is a very real place within the huge range of online writings – provides not only thought-provoking reads, many of which are not elaborate essays but rather concise stepping stones to drive your thinking further than you might have thought possible. He is also enagging with his audience with wit, humour and undoubtedly a lot of experience, letting his hospitality shine through the feedback he is giving out constantly.

Reading this blog is not just a pastime, it is an experience, that can bring you closer to yourself or bridge gaps to formerly unknown realms of knowledge and spark interest in both the most mundane and sacred topics. Not wanting to sound to conceited, Paul manages this feat effortlessly and makes it easy to approach even larger subjects with the curiosity of a wide-eyed child.

For the short amount of time I’ve been following Paul’s work, it has been nothing but a delight to engage with this bright and curious mind, who is able to transcend arbitrary  social restrictions like age, class, gender or race and commits to deepen  and cultivate interhuman understanding.

A mission I’m more than willing to participate in.

Paul and I agreed to review each other’s blogs, check out Paul’s review of my blog


  1. Thank you so much, Matthias for the burning, torrid review! It was so positive, so upbeat — you entirely forgot to mention I habitually stalk my readers, begging them to read my posts. But no matter! I love your review despite its delusions.

    1. There ought to be a certain element of surprise in a review, otherwise it’d spoil all the fun.

      Glad you do and hopefully you’ll forgive my delusions, which is undoubtedly due to my limited number of days on this fine earth. 😉

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