#497 (misplaced, orange)

There is

some rich


sitting oddly


wrong place

wrong time

laughing his ass off

about collective


while I am

wiping mine

with printouts

of his latest tweets,

hollow screams

into the universe

at least oranges

are bio-degradable

yet I am unsure

about this



© Matthias Grupe, 11th August 2018

Picture: Jonathan Pielmayer via unsplash



      1. I hope so! Another term would be a bit too much! BTW, the photo of the cross in my latest post was taken at a restaurant just outside of Nurnberg last month. Was visiting with my dad who studied in your country for 7 years way back in the 50s and has kept in touch with this friends ever since

      2. Not a big fan of the cross myself, but the picture is beautiful nonetheless. Bavarians know their craft around religious symbolism. Hope you enjoyed your trip. I’ve never been to Nuremberg, but I liked Munich when I visited.

      3. Ah, I didn’t mean to bring religion into the discussion, it was the beauty of the sight that made me take a picture. Yes, Munich is nice, too – I especially liked the southern parts of Garmish & Partenkirchen! Which part are you from, if I may ask?

      4. Of course you may. I’m from Saxony, Leipzig to be precise but my parents are from Brandenburg and Thuringia so I traveled around as a kid.

    1. Yeah, heard about that. He should go watch some make-up tutorials, maybe. I’m watching select US political comedy shows like The Daily Show on the regular, which is my main info source (I read the international news superficially once a week, to not lose contact to reality, but cannot stand anymore without getting uber-mad). He won’t get reelected. I’m sure about that.

      1. You should watch some reruns of Saturday Night live where one of my favorite actors, Alec Baldwin, does a very hilarious parody of Trump. Politics are just so crazy and unpredictable these days, so I’m not very sure about anything. But I sure hope he won’t get reelected.

      2. I think I saw those.. didn’t Kate McKinnon portray Hillary? That was really great TV. I’m sure about it. Now I only have to convince every American who is planning on reelecting that d-bag. 😀

      3. I have a few close relatives who are Trump supporters. I also still see many signs in people’s front yards that are in support of Trump, and many of those red hats that say Make America Great Again. But Trump definitely does NOT have my vote, you can be sure of that. If I was forced to make an opinion on this, I’d say that Trump won’t even make it past the primaries. But all I can really do is hope and make sure to show up at the ballot box during the election.

      4. That’s all that matters. And educating people about his politics, providing a variety of sources for people to educate themselves. Unfortunately some people like to stay in the “MAGA”-mindset, I guess.

        But I also think a lot of people don’t really KNOW about all the things his government has been doing (or hasn’t been doing in some cases).

        In Germany were having the rise of the new Rights for some time now, and people are again seemingly getting brainwashed receiving their news from shifty sources, conspiiracy theory and fake-news making a dangerous blend.

        But I do have hope that enough people are going to speak up and become beacons for truth. I don’t think he’s evil incarnate, I think he is an overprivileged, not very intelligent businessman who has no business in politics (not national and FOR SURE not international).

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