#499 (gen-narration)

what if

all stocks


all paper crumbled

all coins corroded

and suddenly

the wielders of the pens

would hold the power

in their shaking hands

weaving webs of words

instead of relying on

the unreal currencies

of arbitrary worth.

what if

you sewed

some story seed

and would harvest

novels and anthologies,

a planted verse

yielding bountiful

ballads and battle hymns,


what if

strands of narration

connected all parts

of the globe,

power would be shared


among the wise

and dreamful,

karmic exchange in


what if?


© Matthias Grupe, 11th August 2018



    1. Thank you! Yeah, I really asked myself these questions. Money is a relatively new invention, so it might as well become obsolete again someday.

      1. Then maybe I should wish for some other things as well. People treating each other with respect, treating nature and everything it gives us with respect for example… that would be a good start.

      2. Do you think though that everybody deserves respect, meaning it is some kind of innate quality? Do we need to treat people that disrespect us with respect as well or is it something that is earned?

        Just being curious now. 🙂

      3. It isn’t, right?! It is something we choose to do every day, often acting against out own impulses. But still it helps keeping societies sane, I guess.

  1. Good question.

    I know I have often wondered if people who hurt and intentionally cause harm to others deserve the same level of respect that I would give to the average person, and crazily enough, I seem to have come to the conclusion that I would still maintain respect towards them – because I truly believe everybody is worthy of respect – but that doesn’t mean I would agree/support/encourage their negative behaviors/acts.

    I’ve been hurt by people closest to me, and as hard as it was to forgive them and/or accept their choices/decisions, I never treated them with disrespect… even if I felt they weren’t particularly deserving of it.

    Does that make sense? Or have I been cheating myself by thinking everybody deserves respect?

    1. It does make sense because it is your assumption based on your beliefs and previous experiences.

      I’d avoid the ehtical conundrum by reducing contact with disrespectful people or even avoiding it if possible. But I have to agree, I’d also treat them with respect, even more so if they are strangers.

      But I wouldn’t endure abuse, I think. At least my sense of self-preservation would be stronger than any moral in a case like that, but this would be an extreme situation.

      1. I agree with your line of thinking: I would certainly do what I can to avoid the company of disrespectful/harmful people, but if I’m unable to, I wouldn’t go out of my way to disrespect them or put them “in their place”. I think by not enforcing my judgments on them, I’m already giving them enough respect. Having said that, I wouldn’t go out of my way to respect them either. I don’t think they are deserving of such effort.

        Abuse is an entirely different animal. I’ve learned from my life experience that I can, believe it or not, still behave respectfully towards a person who abused me, but that doesn’t mean I respect them as a person. There’s a subtle difference in that. I don’t believe in war, but I don’t want peace by placing myself in a compromised situation either.

      2. Agreed. I’d always stick to my firm belief that life is going to put them in their place at some point and ultimately I cannot control or change other people’s behaviour, only my own.

        Yes, treating someone with a minimum of respect doesn’t mean you have to condone their actions or respect them as a person.

        Great answer. Thanks for the exchange!

    2. You are so spot on about respect Sindhuja, you ought by rights to be president. Respect is owed everyone, and in part for a simple reason — when we respect others we humanize both them and us. And the “us” here may be even more important than the them.

      Another reason is that respect is an antidote to so many evils in the world, not the least being genocide.

      But what other reasons can you think of to lend respect to everyone?

    1. This means acting in a way that doesn’t hurt them and respects their boundaries and limitations as a human being.

      But then I limit my interaction with them in a way that protects my own boundaries. It basically means, walking away from them. It is hard to explain without an example, but it is something I’ve experienced quite often in daily life.

      And sometimes also with people I thought I knew and let into my heart, which is far worse.

      1. “This means acting in a way that doesn’t hurt them and respects their boundaries and limitations as a human being. But then I limit my interaction with them in a way that protects my own boundaries.” — I couldn’t have said it better.

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