#501 (thankful, on silken feet)


to take a breath

and celebrate

over five hundred

poems, and my motor

is still moving with

grace and fueled

by kindness

the one I find

in your words,

the one I give,

and the multiplying

sort, swarms of nocturnal

butterflies and flocks of

lightborn fairy folk, granting

me a single touch or even

a kiss on my head

as I keep navigating

all the undiscovered

waters of the well

and her myriad

sources, on

silken feet,

guided by

my lunar companion

and all your

loving gazes.


© Matthas Grupe, 11th August 2018




  1. This one is so lovely it’s almost embarrassing — as if the reader should be reluctant to indulge in such a pretty poem.

    “still moving with

    grace and fueled

    by kindness”

    It’s so refreshing you emphasize this along with your mention of 500 posts. Where is the kindness these days? How important that we remember to call for it.

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