#503 (Concrete Walker V) + Recording

Father Fungus, Part 1

They had been traveling for about five miles, passing countless identical dunes, Diana skillfully spearing a dozen of sand scorpions on the way, knowing  they would need any protein they could get their teeth on. Suddenly there was a change in the air, and the wind brought an odd, harsh scent of something living. The three stopped in their path, noses held up into the air. Ori closed his eyes and eventually spoke “It’s fungi.” He opened his eyes and flashed a most unexpected smile, obviously proud he figured it out. Diana bared her teeth and shrugged. The walker said “Well, we can certainly need a little distraction. If there is any food in it, let’s go.” Diana agreed: “We can use all the protein we can get!”

They moved towards the odd smell and eventually reached a structure that resembled a large tree, but it was probably at least twenty or thirty feet in diameter and glowing ever so slightly in calming shades of green and yellow. Ori approached the walls and carefully placed his palms onto them.

“They feel… sad” he muttered, more to himself. His companions approached and both repeated the placing of the palms. Neither Diana nor the Walker could feel anything but a definite coolness and the impression that they might be able to push their hands through quite easily. Ori walked around the structure and after a couple of steps proclaimed “There is an opening. Shall we explore it?” Diana and the Walker looked at each other, Diana tensing from the possible dangers that might lurk inside. Yet curiousity remained victorious and they entered, after a thorough inspection of the dark hollow that lead into the structure. Ori led the way and once they passed the threshold they had the most strange sensation of the walls humming and the glow intensifying.

Inside there was a nearly perfect circular chamber, containing something that for a lack of a better word reminded them of a gigantic heart, although it was emerald green, streaked by yellow veins and pulsated in a steady rhythm. After the strangeness of this view began to wear off, Ori dared to approach it. He stopped nearly five feet away, holding his breath. “It is wonderful,” he whispered “The elders talked about those beings, but I never thought I’d meet one for real. They are called Elder Fungi, and the elders believe that they used to be human and were somehow transformed into fungus form. Nobody knows how they came about but all stories I’ve heard about them describe them as benevolent beings. I think I’m initiating contact” with that being said, he raised his left hand, stepped forward and firmly planted it onto the beating thing. Before the others could stop him it was done and what a shock it brought. He felt his hair sticking out and his whole body was taken by a low electrical current, trapping him in some kind of static cage, that was even visible, green sparks starting to bloom around him, like a halo.

Diana grabbed her spear, but the Walker gently touched her shoulder and shook his head “Let him deal with it. It was his wish to approach it. It doesn’t seem as if he’s in immediate danger and he seemed to be knowing what he’s doing.” She retorted sharply: “He is nothing but a child, we should never have taken him with us. He’s probably going to die and take us with him.” But she loosened her grip on the spear and continued watching the boy, being pulled into this enigmatic field of electricity.

Interlude – Fungi Dream

my body

remade out

of floating spores

weightlessly drifting

between the lights

and the beats

of my father’s drum

the untold history

of a people so

brave, they began

growing inside their

fungal companions

giving up carnic

matter and thoughts

of human food

for a network

of mycelium

being in the

beatin heart

of it all

one amongst

many, many

forming one

sharing nourishment

water, air


spread along

the globe

filling the vacuum

of digital collapse

we divide and conquer

everything, as far

as the most slender

strands, we reach

and roam

beneath and between

the moist and shade

we create

we are

are we



(to be continued)


Listen to my recording of the story over here.


© Matthias Grupe, 11th August 2018

Note: this is an ongoing dystopian narration,

please read the first parts following the links below

Father Fungus Part 2 is going to be published tomorrow.


Picture: Mar Núñez via unsplash


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    1. Ahhh, so glad you liked it. By the way: I could indeed hunt down some Moringa and I don’t know what happened last time, I actually find it quite enjoyable as a tea. I couldn’t find fresh ginger, but against my habit poured just the slightest splash of maple syrup, voilá. Tastes like a very round green tea. Delicious.

      1. I like that you are so open to trying new things and happy this time it was a pleasant taste, maple syrup sounds just right too. it is quite full bodied and needs something added to balance it. you made a good call with the syrup. cheers!

      2. Always. Especially everything food-related. You can learn so much by exploring your taste buds, letting them grapple with the aromas of all the different cultures. It is really one of the blessings of globalization as I see it (or rather taste it).

      3. yes it’s lovely how we can get to experience culture through food, Malaysia is a potpourri of tastes and aromas, I like trying out something new and discovering it is really good.you have a huge capacity for love!

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