#510 (draining the barrel)[collab]

drained the whole barrel

not a drop spilled, every letter

etched into my heart,

the lines already fading


filled to overflowing I

release myself fully my

thoughts to tears, tears to ink

heart splashed along the page


myself became

the missing link, poured

all inside emotions growing

the scratching quill, it kept me



left alone I’d scarce contain them

broken, pouring forth

released and rearranged

this ink it serves to heal me


bequeathed an oath of black

and blue, my lids are windows

shining through, the faintest

trace of long lost longing


my heart the inkwell

dipping in, the words spill

down and out across this page

until at last my eyes close


as Morpheus’ kiss it is I chose

the stranded lines they pour

again, into and from, beyond

my reach, the pillow had

some dreams to teach.


© Tara Caribou & Matthias Grupe


Picture: rawpixel via unsplash



This was a wonderful

collaboration with

Tara, you can find her work here

the verses in italic are strung

by her, the plain ones, I wrote.


    1. That’s a really nice thing to say. 🌙 Thank you, I wish you well in your writing endeavors, don’t give yourself too little credit, though!

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