# 514 (soft-pressed)

just made it

up the steps

vertigo, an odd

visitor, the handrailing

barely any support.

jello legs, pressure

haunting his temples,

the return into the

unwelcome warmth

pressed between

too many bodies

the wide open sky

a memory he cherishes

at least there are some

wide-open windows

to sustain his urgent

need of a breeze,

some release.


© Matthias Grupe, 12th August 2018

Picture: Jeremy Bishop via unsplash





    1. yeah you got it. that it is. and not being able to escape our bodies, only our minds can wander…. but then again this might be good enough.

      1. I am able to experience that through music, thanks to my hypersensitivity. To me this is a form of meditation, it feels refreshing and clears my thought.

      2. i read recently about finding our “blue space”, a blogger wrote about that and I thought it very true, it can be sound, images or even smells, a place we can retract to from the chaos. Music is wonderful for meditation, it’s beautiful that you can use it that way, however it energises me more than calms me! I really like the sound of silence.

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