#515 (go on)

go on

call me delusional

call me a dreamer

at least I am aware

of the forest fires and

the floods, the murders

of too many.

it is you who may choose

to stand for this world

building bridges of light,

or watch it burn to

ashes, the flames

reflected in long-dead eyes.

what can you change

to fight the coldness

creeping into your heart?

who do you love, who do

you hug, who is willing

to watch you cry, without

averting their gaze in



© Matthias Grupe, 12th August 2018




  1. Honestly? I think you feel a whole lot more passionate about these things than comes across in the poem.

    I’m thinking you decided to understate this one. But why? You know how to tear the sky in half, throw it down like a torn linen rag, when you feel the need to. I ask, doesn’t the subject deserve you express what you really feel about this issue?

      1. To be completely honest: This is all I got, fighting a coming migraine and the need to flee the city. So, no. Right now this is all I got.

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