About lunarpoet

Hi, my name is Matthias. I’m working as an educator by day and a poet by night at – I’m searching for the magic sparks in the interspaces, between the cracks of reality. Here on this platform I publish most of my poetry and get in touch with other poets or lovers of poetry and already met some amazing artists along the way.

Most of my poems are written in English, although German is my first language. For me, the English language simply works better when it comes to creating poetry.  So I stick to it. I’m not all fairies and rainbows, although I enjoy both of the latter occasionally. Shadow and light are creating all nuances of grey and so I try to feature more than plain black and white within my work. Also being (neuro-)queer has started to become more and more prominent in my work.

All work published here including the pictures that illustrate/complement my words, are mine if not otherwise credited.  Please don’t steal! You may always use something and credit me accordingly (using Matthias Geh).

My latest project is compiling a book of poetry and I really could use advice of others who have already self-published.

I hope you enjoy browsing through my collection. Drop me a line if you like, I always appreciate (constructive) criticism.

Have a splendid day!


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