#235 (swirl)

She swirls in a black dress not to impress lace sparkling at the seams the girl she used to be she bares for me to see a wicked smile arises she leaves backstage my fingers snap a beat to the rhythm of her flying feet clad in dark leather © Matthias Geh, 22nd March 2018 … Continue reading #235 (swirl)


#175 (basic laws of magic)

call upon what you need feed the things you want to keep honor your elders the living and the dead do no harm except to protect yourself write your name into the wind and the waves let the wild seep into your life permeate your being see beauty in every shape in every colour it … Continue reading #175 (basic laws of magic)

#146 (summer’s gift)

grey whiskers and fur, striped yellow-black a sound of fury growling deep soft paws prepared to take a leap back arched, claws out; ready to attack blades whetted on cobble and concrete while Poppy's fragile dress so sweet anger soon melted in crimson light at last summer's gift had stopped a fight   7th June … Continue reading #146 (summer’s gift)