#216 (how to let go)

we drilled and drilled first holes, then caves soon to be catacombs a hollow world between our ribcages mining hopes and dreams grinding down the seams of our imperfections filling up the hollow with promises of instant intimacy candyfloss for our hearts for wholefood we couldn't stomach any more, as we tore out our aspirations … Continue reading #216 (how to let go)


# 213 (drone)

sleep, eat, work, struggle, get up, work, eat, sleep, struggle, grind your teeth, get up, work, eat, drink, insomnia, get up, struggle, work, eat, sleep, get up, red-eyed, work, eat, sleep, get up, slaving, eat, sleep, leg cramps, struggle, be sick, sleep, eat, sleep, eat, sleep, eat, get up, struggle, work, eat, have a holiday, … Continue reading # 213 (drone)