#215 (scissors)

unraveling the knots in her fears cutting up the net of doubt cast upon her mind athirst for sleep mental scissors she forged a word of trust                                                                               a compassionate touch a confident glance   © Matthias Geh, 13th March 2018  


#144 (compassion whispers)

between the gunfire and the detonations screeching metal, screaming children compassion whispers the hands that feeds the poor and lost hearts beating together under a roof of stars sharing stories or silence equally and even in the face of madmen I'm searching for a spark of humanity 24th May 2017


words that hurt load guns that kill whispering, mumbling foul and angry often unheard and unseen mostly right up on your screen   how the bizarre, most obscene disguised pass along the scene acts of violence, day by day bloody footprints smeared on clay with a barb-wired mind they seek words to cut and words … Continue reading #2