#262 (obsidian)

obsidian  four dark eggs spread in a circle the first cracks raven wings tearing through the lament of waning candles 'till the last corner is bursting with shadows sipping away at the night with onyx lips   © Matthias Geh, 15th May 2018  


#92 (feeding fires in frost)

• kiss me under the stars trace my blanket of scars rest your lips on my neck ease your chin to my back • feeding fires in frost singing songs of the lost spinning tales from the dark while my hands caress bark • willow trees catch the cold within sap flow we hold our … Continue reading #92 (feeding fires in frost)

#85 (dead drunk on moonbeams)

dead drunk on moonbeams silver light barely escaped her lover's sight entranced from pouring out her song amidst a raving savage throng condensed her breathe of sour wine her golden hair had lost its shine without the courage of the cup the thieves of night had locked her up salacious eyes undressing her as stupor … Continue reading #85 (dead drunk on moonbeams)

#82 (murdering moments)

  witholding every single thought letting them pool inside their pale bone cage sharks circling within my mindwaves biting a sudden flash of inspiration a dead old moviestar brought back to life the blessings of celluloid a waning dream I saw fleeing around the corner when all the streets where paved with tears and the … Continue reading #82 (murdering moments)