#180 (the deep end)

the deep end

of my dreams

is where fears

grow to terrors

the landscape

of a former quiet night

turning into an evil fairground

bitterness and pain exchanging candy

while pride and prejudice are

taking the rollercoaster of doom


yet I’ll never hit

and have to spent an extra round

in the cabinet of broken mirrors

dissolving glass in the acid

of nasty rumours

adding some extra poison

sundae undelight

getting bitter, sip by sip

sunrise saves me

and as I’m stumbling

through last night’s sober debris*

I’m finding peace

a dusty wreath of lilies

crowning my head

14th November 2017
* borrowed from the lyrics 
to "Hello" by the Shakespear Sisters

#179 (a flat world)

ideas being quenshed

before they even set a fire

to our imagination

unconnected sparks

dancing around jaded amygdalas

we were everything

you needed us to be

and nothing we ever wanted

to become

blind obedience

as we shackled our free will

to the dogma of superiority

sheep, whetting our butcher’s knife

the time for tenderness

was gone and buried lay

the corpses of our lost innocence

rotting under cruelty and ignorance

the bed we made to lie on

all tooth and nails

and the flame of kindness

reduced to a flicker

the dark ages are

just a stone throw away

always ready to emerge

and smother the present

so feed your light




11th August 2017

#173 (darkness pierces every corner)

the ones you lost

have now been found

riding like mad

a merry-go-round

the one to hell

and back, my dear

don’t fear the reaper

for she’s near

the gift of life

the prize of dying

we grind and toil

and keep on trying

three wishes granted

if you dare

mischievous fairies

they don’t care

beyond the place

of broken bones

of broken dreams

and thunderdomes

the abyss-born is rising fast

from oceans wide and mountains vast

she wields her scythe

she tears apart

each fiber of our beating hearts

our darkest lady has arrived

her voice cuts deeper than a knife

inside the ashen halls of fate

where gods and demons were betrayed

she’s sipping from the holy grail

black dress, silk mask, a flowing trail

wide eyes so bright

red lips so lush

she rules the night

be still now, hush

as everything falls into place

and darkness pierces every corner

you might turn mad touched by her grace

and everybody left a mourner


20th July 2017



#138 (whetting the edge)

between black dots

and jagged beaks

he’d been stashing away

some memories

for a rainy day


the pendulum

relentlessy cutting away

each moment

before midnight


some said

the night was still young

while  actually

darkness kept erasing

all signs of aging



carelessly poured out

as intimacy got lost

in the perpetual dissolution

of boundaries

he was whetting the edge

of tomorrow’s dawn


1st May 2017


#129 (the night keeps drowning me)

photo credit: Matthias Geh


the quiet

bares its teeth

while I’m watching

the passing of deep valleys

moving wearily

visions of derailed trains

paint fear behind my eyes

raindrops racing along black glass

destination unknown

I follow the tracks

a clumsy explorer

waiting for the light but

the night keeps drowning me

12th Februrary 2017

#126 (between tender plumage)

photo credit: Matthias Geh



we dreamt of spring

while cutting blocks of black ice

forming clusters of coldness

until our fingers gave in

to numbness

and within our aching bones

the seeds of fever started to bloom

the flowers of our anticipation

withered away like

the last seconds of daylight

being replaced by

the prospect of obscurity

and a sudden dread

I wished

I was a bird of passage

gliding by

carrying the stories

of the Southern Wind

between tender plumage

ignorant of the dark calls

the night had left as a gift

6th February

#112 (wailing widow)

photo credit: Matthias Geh


shallow ponds

resting in the forest heart

She dipped her toes in tears

and followed the

scent of stars

moonlight on her forehead

a thorn in her side

when silence came crashing

and pity poured over her

a relentless flood

drowning her dreams

in all shades of fear

wailing widow

dressed in despair

cloaked in coldness

she kissed all hopes goodbye

but one

who remained

a single firefly

dancing between despair

and deliverance

*11th January 2017

#109 (a hollow chasm)

photo credit: Matthias Geh

the rats

were slaking their thirst

slurping slush

out of the gutters

I refrained from your crusade

hiding behind an indifferent mask

was a lifetime of cruelty

my heart

a hollow chasm

gloom filled the spaces

between misfiring neurons

setting sail on dirty waters

all my trust melted into

a dark puddle

*9th January 2017