#183 (engulfed)


broken lines

unspoken words

the night I used up

my last wish


the fairy said

he’d never tell

once she clipped

his wings

he bled glitter

into the starless night



by obligation

a lapse of judgement

no more tears

my eyes dried up

my face

an arid space

as the grey


my heart


19th November




#112 (wailing widow)

photo credit: Matthias Geh


shallow ponds

resting in the forest heart

She dipped her toes in tears

and followed the

scent of stars

moonlight on her forehead

a thorn in her side

when silence came crashing

and pity poured over her

a relentless flood

drowning her dreams

in all shades of fear

wailing widow

dressed in despair

cloaked in coldness

she kissed all hopes goodbye

but one

who remained

a single firefly

dancing between despair

and deliverance

*11th January 2017