#218 (counting)

I. your blame was abundant yet the tone quite redundant I was counting my bones you were shining your throne such a waste of emotion that one bitter-sharp notion 'cause you meant oh so well from your smile I could tell II. I keep missing that glint in your eyes when you speak and my … Continue reading #218 (counting)


#215 (scissors)

unraveling the knots in her fears cutting up the net of doubt cast upon her mind athirst for sleep mental scissors she forged a word of trust                                                                               a compassionate touch a confident glance   © Matthias Geh, 13th March 2018  

#116 (through my undreamt rainbows)

  from your quiver of unkind words you picked the worst and aimed them at my chest poison tipped cruelty disguised as a flattering remark patient mental filters fail to purify the intensity of your bane verbal venom oozing through my undreamt rainbows bleaching their brilliance until there is nothing left but paleness and doubt … Continue reading #116 (through my undreamt rainbows)