#162 (a lucid dreamer)

photo credit: Matthias Geh

painting my nightmares

in all shades of black

buried under the waves of fear

a hunter of dreams

is looming

painting my nails

in all shades of the rainbow

I wear my colours with pride

a lucid dreamer

riding the waves

10th July 2017





#149 (drowning my fears)


photo credt: Matthias Geh

the paths between light and dark

glowing in shades of blue and yellow

I drowned my fears in deep sleep

stuck them to a fairytale

I made up from some restless bits

meeting some monsters on the way

sometimes all it takes is

a frame to collect my scattered thoughts

to herd them back into

this fleeting focal point

I trapped them in a blinking box,

tricking myself into

the illusion of control


18th June 2017





#84 (vaporized liquorice)

photo credit: Matthias Geh



flooding every second

of his fractured memories

as he is washed


riding the fleeting

light of dawn


by Venus’ calm

his sorrows fled

into the constant

yellow glow

of streetlights

six crows

and a black cat

spun a nightmare

of feathers and fur

heavy and sweet

like vaporized liquorice

inhale, exhale

the scent of


*12th December 2016

#81 (fragile tiny flutterlings)

photo credit: Matthias Geh

silver threads

fell out his face

his eyes

were red


wild horses

rode along his spine

sly beetles bit

his heart


to the dark embrace

of heavy dreams

he lied

in slumber’s swamp

and resting

on his chest

there was

a cup of finest



in some dreamish glories

his feet were twitching idly

and in between

two shallow breaths

a butterfly so lightly

like early morning’s finest ray

it flew into the white

within that finest

smooth embrace

it fluttered and

then died


threw his rosy veil

and soon

said hero’s eyes awoke

the dusty cup it fell

and broke

within the dust

some trace of gold

two silken wings

the story told

of queens and kings

and fragile

tiny flutterlings

9th December 2016



hoch sensibel

niedrig schwellig

schlaf los

werfe worte in den mixer

unbekümmert auf hochtouren

ein paar stunden schlaf

der große traum

und all die kleinen, filigranen

schmetterlingsträume & ich

fliegen über den horizont

fallen gemeinsam vom rand

der welt


hinauf in den wirbel

meiner vorstellungskraft

oben ist unten und wo unten ist

habe ich vergessen

niemand weist den weg

ins zentrum der erinnerung

highly sensitive

low threshold

blending words

freewheeling on high speed

a couple hours of sleep

the great dream

and all the small, delicate

butterfly dreams & I

flying beyond horizons

falling from the edge of

the world

up into the maelstrom

of my imagination

up is down and I forgot

where is down

nobody knows the way

to memory central


*matthias geh,  3rd February 2016