#253 (aroma)

I forgot how to sleep red-eyed, staring into wrinkled valleys searching for the lavender fairies hiding in a pot  at the window still please send me some scent to relieve my anxious mind heart full of joy, yet I'm suffocating an empty ocean, yet I long to see glittering rivulets at the bottom © Matthias … Continue reading #253 (aroma)


#229 (snow print)

sleep still singing deep inside his bones the tones of slush and icicles soft grey and brown translucent white and blue frozen feet and red cheeks puddles squishing inside leaking boots the crisp morning air bit into his face a grounding carp was swimming inside a pool of snowmelt dauntlessly © Matthias Geh, 19th March … Continue reading #229 (snow print)

#149 (drowning my fears)

  the paths between light and dark glowing in shades of blue and yellow I drowned my fears in deep sleep stuck them to a fairytale I made up from some restless bits meeting some monsters on the way sometimes all it takes is a frame to collect my scattered thoughts to herd them back … Continue reading #149 (drowning my fears)

#84 (vaporized liquorice)

  sweetness flooding every second of his fractured memories as he is washed ashore riding the fleeting light of dawn kissed by Venus' calm his sorrows fled into the constant yellow glow of streetlights six crows and a black cat spun a nightmare of feathers and fur heavy and sweet like vaporized liquorice inhale, exhale … Continue reading #84 (vaporized liquorice)

#81 (fragile tiny flutterlings)

silver threads fell out his face his eyes were red ablaze wild horses rode along his spine sly beetles bit his heart surrendered to the dark embrace of heavy dreams he lied in slumber's swamp and resting on his chest there was a cup of finest china partaking in some dreamish glories his feet were … Continue reading #81 (fragile tiny flutterlings)


hoch sensibel niedrig schwellig schlaf los werfe worte in den mixer unbekümmert auf hochtouren ein paar stunden schlaf der große traum und all die kleinen, filigranen schmetterlingsträume & ich fliegen über den horizont fallen gemeinsam vom rand der welt   hinauf in den wirbel meiner vorstellungskraft oben ist unten und wo unten ist habe ich … Continue reading #34