# 213 (drone)

sleep, eat, work, struggle, get up, work, eat, sleep, struggle, grind your teeth, get up, work, eat, drink, insomnia, get up, struggle, work, eat, sleep, get up, red-eyed, work, eat, sleep, get up, slaving, eat, sleep, leg cramps, struggle, be sick, sleep, eat, sleep, eat, sleep, eat, get up, struggle, work, eat, have a holiday, … Continue reading # 213 (drone)


#155 (The Hills Of Flesh)

between my thumb and index finger a pinch of ruby grains of sand red glitter queens a marching band of elephants and tiger fish the hills of flesh they walk tonight the song of smoke and neon light a trail of flounders following beware the sea wasp's deadly sting 22nd June 2017