#196 (through velvet curtains)

wrinkled hands caressing stubble the fights of the past have molded today once she settles in tonight's embrace her pain parts through velvet curtains soft laughter remains at the edges of her mind   © Matthias Geh, 20th January 2018  


#106 (there is a whole in the world)

… a husk that used to be mother, grandmother, sister disguised under paper and frill the face of death is not pretty so we build masks out of chores and rituals trying to fill them with meaning though they only distract us from feeling the pain there is a whole in the world whenever someone … Continue reading #106 (there is a whole in the world)

#104 (thistles around a bruised heart)

… thistles he had grown around a bruised heart … thorns pricking soft flesh scarlet streams running wild … trauma stamping black holes into grey matter blissful denial ends suffering … timeless looming between sparks of firing neurons the ghost of a memory like a lingering scent of lost lavender … *4th January 2017  

#103 (skeletal smile)

… ghost fists punched a hole into my stomach filling up with grief an unknown pond of sadness greets me every day with a skeletal smile … conjuring the image of your face wrinkly and tanned like a wriggling fish it escapes my mind's grip and I'm lost in spiraling tears … wishing for a … Continue reading #103 (skeletal smile)

#93 (haunted daydreams)

eventually night is retreating and the light comes back to haunt our daydreams … warmth spreading from your fingertips through my numbed hands tingling on my skin … sharing minutes and hours shuffling moments like a set of cards and dealing them out … building a house of memories however no wind is gonna take … Continue reading #93 (haunted daydreams)