#270 (vanished)

a shred of flowy fabric deep green like a copse stuck to a broken mirror long since clouded invisible to the eye it moves between the poet's fingers his wrists adorned by bracelets of crimson and as he mouths his final words upon the threshold Erato grants a closing kiss   © Matthias Geh, 18th … Continue reading #270 (vanished)


#251 (strands)

silky words and emotions pouring out, feeling for response finding receptors out there colours explode, thoughts collide sparking new connections once I see myself in the reflection of a flashing lens, a flashy screen melting into someone elses' amygdala strands of understanding are woven from within   © Matthias Geh, 12th May 2018  

#226 (a shield around my face)

più buio di mezzanotte still our hands found each other like a lizard basking in the sun I was basking in your presence the most subtle glow your eyes pools of radiating black pulling me into myself giving way as I let pleasure take my breath and my tongue leaning even closer your long hair … Continue reading #226 (a shield around my face)

#224 (alive, wildly, indomitably)

I want to throw out seeds and watch them grow some might flourish some might remain in the cool, dark soil unborn ideas, waiting some may keep a murder of crows alive I want to wait for the grass to grow tall and lush to watch the breeze letting it flow in waves I want … Continue reading #224 (alive, wildly, indomitably)

#217 (ultraviolet kisses)

leaden feet dragging me down while I start falling into the cracks of yesterday's news soaking up bits and pieces dead scientists dead children the new chancellor is the old chancellor and my interest keeps wilting like the snowdrops outside I blow ultraviolet kisses into the night watch them fade as I tear up the … Continue reading #217 (ultraviolet kisses)

#216 (how to let go)

we drilled and drilled first holes, then caves soon to be catacombs a hollow world between our ribcages mining hopes and dreams grinding down the seams of our imperfections filling up the hollow with promises of instant intimacy candyfloss for our hearts for wholefood we couldn't stomach any more, as we tore out our aspirations … Continue reading #216 (how to let go)

#211 (make way)

flashes of white darkness weighing heavy bags like mires under his eyes inside the chapel of wilted flowers a song is born of silence and hesitation a melody of forgotten promises resounding deeply to guide the gentlest touch of coming warmth as ice blossoms make way this torn asunder winter night © Matthias Geh, 1th … Continue reading #211 (make way)