#205 (feeding bullets)

  no bread we laced their meals with lead feeding bullets to a generation touched by death the cruel illusion of being protected yet metal does not know compassion   © Matthias Geh, 17th February 2018  


#197 (a meaning in cruelty)

small hands broken before they even learnt how to hold a pen or grab a spoon a blind spot silenced history an abandoned generation left to find a meaning in cruelty their frightened whispers echoe through the decades searching for answers to questions most won't even dare to ask small hands broken before they have … Continue reading #197 (a meaning in cruelty)

#153 (the dandelion seed)

faint echoes from a life left behind fade into you on constant repeat the loves lost and found we breed the virtues we desire even if it takes us a lifetime to become a dandelion seed floating away on the last summer breeze   20th June 2017


#147 (echo threads)

blazing between ultraviolet hummingbirds and infrared jasmine trees the Fates spinning their echo threads dying voices last whispers quilted into  the cape of tomorrow's shining hero or dress the villain with the obsidian heart choices blinking like distant stars aim your bleeding bow and choose 10th June 2017