#255 (coil)

2014 the second of May my grandmother died I will not see her at my wedding I will not feel her bony hugs again grief doesn't fade it coils in my ribcage but I choose to caress these bitter scales enticing them to tickle my heart instead of crushing it   © Matthias Geh, 13th … Continue reading #255 (coil)


#106 (there is a whole in the world)

… a husk that used to be mother, grandmother, sister disguised under paper and frill the face of death is not pretty so we build masks out of chores and rituals trying to fill them with meaning though they only distract us from feeling the pain there is a whole in the world whenever someone … Continue reading #106 (there is a whole in the world)

#103 (skeletal smile)

… ghost fists punched a hole into my stomach filling up with grief an unknown pond of sadness greets me every day with a skeletal smile … conjuring the image of your face wrinkly and tanned like a wriggling fish it escapes my mind's grip and I'm lost in spiraling tears … wishing for a … Continue reading #103 (skeletal smile)

#90 (on top throned a petal)

… noon was stretching its pale claws made of smoke and exhaustion I've seen my lover die under a big, flat tire cuz' he tripped on some sleet his feet caught in a wire and his head hit the street … how my tears have grown cold throughout wanderin' the valleys of sorrow how my … Continue reading #90 (on top throned a petal)