#223 (A Banshee In My Closet)

A Banshee in my closet She used to haunt the graveyard but all tombstones were turned the soil had been salted, all the trees  had been burned She sung out silver sobs between trousers and tops and her touch made me freeze So I bought me a dresser 'twasn't meant to impress her just a … Continue reading #223 (A Banshee In My Closet)


#204 (antagonally)

bad jokes the only ones im good at my mind in the gutter yet you blush and you stutter while I choke on bad puns as no joke lands not one   © Matthias Geh, 25th January 2018    

#172 (riposte)

I cannot spare a judgy stare; I'm vulgar and I'm cheap. You on the other hand Madame are nothing but a *bleep*. 20th July 2017  


#157 (the lucky cat)

a bat flew in last night her sonar gone awry a moth escaped her senses it just had stopped to fly a single dew drop on the beech moth's wings waiting to dry on the last step to our attic the cat caught it later lurking for some mice just as it was all dried … Continue reading #157 (the lucky cat)