#179 (a flat world)

ideas being quenshed

before they even set a fire

to our imagination

unconnected sparks

dancing around jaded amygdalas

we were everything

you needed us to be

and nothing we ever wanted

to become

blind obedience

as we shackled our free will

to the dogma of superiority

sheep, whetting our butcher’s knife

the time for tenderness

was gone and buried lay

the corpses of our lost innocence

rotting under cruelty and ignorance

the bed we made to lie on

all tooth and nails

and the flame of kindness

reduced to a flicker

the dark ages are

just a stone throw away

always ready to emerge

and smother the present

so feed your light




11th August 2017



poison is seeping

slowly finding its way

through fiberglass and copper

dusty lips, that lost their shine

claiming respect for being born privileged

dressed in the innocence of a fading glamour

she better learn the lines

other people have written for her

under the magnifying lense

global flashlights, collective disgust

basking in artificially flavoured emotions

by next week you will have forgotten

she utters husky, hoping

for the snow to cover her muddy footprints

failing to understand the role

nobody prepared her to perform

an ignorant woman

*matthias geh, 4th February 2016