#265 (flight)

a starving bear dug up all the roots chewed all the leaves trampled the flowers and left nothing but growling ⊗⊗⊗ I followed the fairy glow into the meadow beyond the stars where shadows and light share a silent song amongst the neverresting I found tranquility at last as sleep wouldn't find me   © … Continue reading #265 (flight)


#217 (ultraviolet kisses)

leaden feet dragging me down while I start falling into the cracks of yesterday's news soaking up bits and pieces dead scientists dead children the new chancellor is the old chancellor and my interest keeps wilting like the snowdrops outside I blow ultraviolet kisses into the night watch them fade as I tear up the … Continue reading #217 (ultraviolet kisses)

#180 (the deep end)

the deep end of my dreams is where fears grow to terrors the landscape of a former quiet night turning into an evil fairground bitterness and pain exchanging candy while pride and prejudice are taking the rollercoaster of doom whack-a-doubt yet I'll never hit and have to spent an extra round in the cabinet of … Continue reading #180 (the deep end)