#176 (what the moon taught me)


The clouds taught me

to wander in quiet

the wind taught me

to be calm or strong when needed

the rain taught me

to release pressure

the sun taught me

to become the center of my universe

the stars taught me

to shine a light for others

the moon taught me

that life moves in circles


23rd July 2017

#110 (the blood of elder trees)

tree heart.jpg
photo credit: Matthias Geh

once I cried

in all shades of dusk

the willows were whispering

names of ancient deities

lost between the red tide

and the age of the machine

before our dreams had wings

until we replaced them

with arbitrary iterations

the blood of elder trees

the collective conscious

severed from imagination

and around the ruins of temples

we went hunting

after a grain of truth

between corroded marble

and gold dust

save from harm

we went exploring

through the filters of the silicon era

losing track of now

as our thoughts kept getting trapped

in infinite thens and laters

*10th January 2017