#195 (newronal islands)

 dancing letters  piercing my irises sprouting newronal islands floating like sea rose petals on grey matter © Matthias Geh, 18th January 2018


#187 (mermaid’s tears)

I can't deny, no need to pry but do I bow my head in shame? hidden behind fake scales and glitter I played along a deathly game Ω sinister beauty fading charm but this one's clearly not unarmed it never fades, it shines and sparkles undecaying albeit soon darkles to look like creatures from the … Continue reading #187 (mermaid’s tears)

#176 (what the moon taught me)

  The clouds taught me to wander in quiet the wind taught me to be calm or strong when needed the rain taught me to release pressure the sun taught me to become the center of my universe the stars taught me to shine a light for others the moon taught me that life moves … Continue reading #176 (what the moon taught me)