#185 (dis-honesty)

a myth well told may run around the world and change it for better or for worse ♦ I deal in lies every day the truth being a venom I have to dilute with small evasions a good betrayal being my potion of youth ♦ As I'm watching my dishonesties sprout grey wings and I … Continue reading #185 (dis-honesty)


#148 (Ouroboros) [en/de]

you'd lain waste to the paths I used to travel all detritus and broken mirrors some shards still carrying the lies you'd repeated for so long they became the only truth I knew instead of courage you'd sold despair made me drink Lethe's water praising it as the finest wine I was using up all … Continue reading #148 (Ouroboros) [en/de]

#130 (heart-shaped holes)

  the promises we make  fly easily from our lips forgotten when we wake from sleep's transcending grip unkind but feeling blue through deeper woods we stumble we fake it 'til it's true see loyalty slowly crumble as lies are been renewed without compassion fueling the furnace of our souls we're left with darkness ruling … Continue reading #130 (heart-shaped holes)