#275 (glimpse)

he stole away the bed still warm to glimpse these early rays of gold   © Matthias Geh, 20th May 2018


# 266 (growing pains)

I can feel you in my bones and tendons spread across the globe a collective of thoughts the Fates multiplied so they could keep up with the pace of globalization thousands of souls growing flower patches and small groves breathing poetry into Dreamtime where everything is nothing and the impossible becomes potential turning cruelty into … Continue reading # 266 (growing pains)

#211 (make way)

flashes of white darkness weighing heavy bags like mires under his eyes inside the chapel of wilted flowers a song is born of silence and hesitation a melody of forgotten promises resounding deeply to guide the gentlest touch of coming warmth as ice blossoms make way this torn asunder winter night © Matthias Geh, 1th … Continue reading #211 (make way)

#96 (starboard sirens chanting)

… shrinking shadows as the riders on the wind collect their bounty from the cold silver frozen tongues a whispered oath • tide was in and your float adrift starboard sirens chanting odes to the first warm breeze • reborn light painting stories of spring onto our foreheads I'm craving every fleck of sun … … Continue reading #96 (starboard sirens chanting)

#93 (haunted daydreams)

eventually night is retreating and the light comes back to haunt our daydreams … warmth spreading from your fingertips through my numbed hands tingling on my skin … sharing minutes and hours shuffling moments like a set of cards and dealing them out … building a house of memories however no wind is gonna take … Continue reading #93 (haunted daydreams)

#92 (feeding fires in frost)

• kiss me under the stars trace my blanket of scars rest your lips on my neck ease your chin to my back • feeding fires in frost singing songs of the lost spinning tales from the dark while my hands caress bark • willow trees catch the cold within sap flow we hold our … Continue reading #92 (feeding fires in frost)