#164 (seasalt)

every puddle

calling me to the sea

crescent shells dancing

in the river

that used to be a street

seasalt sprinkled

onto my heart

11th July 2017



#118 (involuntary companion)

photo credit: Matthias Geh


I was craving

the heavy scent of lilacs

waiting out a snowstorm

soon to be slush

listening to

my steady heart

creating its calming rhythm

lurking in between the beats

was the tiniest dissonance

 keeping all the lights on

while you were away

as if the dim glow

could replace your presence

the scent of your face looming

behind every door

absence made

my heart beat faster

while the flurries kept repeating

their story of ephemeral white

 a single culver was hiding out

on my window still

tiny head, red-ringed eyes

sheltered by ruffled wings

squeezing against the cold glass

it became my involuntary companion

for one winter’s night

*January 15th 2017


#115 (bright lady of the depths)



like the Mariana Trench

her songs bury my fears

acidic tears

shimmering dreams

rooted in my fins

nautical knights

whetting their swords

on lime stone

and quicksand

lurking sea beasts infiltrate

my imagination


the bright lady of the depths

bites my flesh

tasting my memories

I am a sweetwater eddy

pouring into

her abyss

*14th January 2017