#208 (untethered)

somewhere along the lines I drowned in his gaze his smile bathed me and I lost my tether to the world floating between golden leaves my skin became a whisper my flesh a sigh all the time resting in a single teardrop © Matthias Geh, 26th February 2018  


#186 (relentless machine)

once  I wore glittering scales gliding besides the whales the center of my existence liquid blue unmarred by pollution I didn't rule the seas I let them guide me ♦♦♦ Now I'm longing for the simplicity of a life in motion mourning my lost freedom imprisoned by the modern world feeding the relentless machine called … Continue reading #186 (relentless machine)

#137 (empty tokens)

artificial colour overload he is longing for the abysmal heart of night a stone left inside his right shoe the faint smell of lilac buds holding back like this year's spring a reluctant lover yet sunkissed heavy gilded metal dangling against hundreds of chests empty tokens yet appreciated like the cold punches leveling emotions 30th … Continue reading #137 (empty tokens)

#118 (involuntary companion)

  I was craving the heavy scent of lilacs waiting out a snowstorm soon to be slush listening to my steady heart creating its calming rhythm lurking in between the beats was the tiniest dissonance  keeping all the lights on while you were away as if the dim glow could replace your presence the scent … Continue reading #118 (involuntary companion)

#115 (bright lady of the depths)

• shallow like the Mariana Trench her songs bury my fears acidic tears shimmering dreams rooted in my fins … nautical knights whetting their swords on lime stone and quicksand lurking sea beasts infiltrate my imagination … foam-arisen the bright lady of the depths bites my flesh tasting my memories I am a sweetwater eddy … Continue reading #115 (bright lady of the depths)