#228 (unavailingly)

The orchard void of fruit spilled on the ground lie the remnants of a bird's nest prematurely built and lost to the returning frost a solitary culver circling waiting for the call of her companion unavailingly Winter took him into his grim embrace scattered and frozen feathers, bones and flesh once Spring neglected her promise … Continue reading #228 (unavailingly)


#173 (darkness pierces every corner)

the ones you lost have now been found riding like mad a merry-go-round the one to hell and back, my dear don't fear the reaper for she's near the gift of life the prize of dying we grind and toil and keep on trying three wishes granted if you dare mischievous fairies they don't care … Continue reading #173 (darkness pierces every corner)

#135 (within the cup of quiet grace)

♥ the night was old all stories told as chastity had long been sold the mirrored passion in her gaze entranced him in a scarlet haze he drank it all the tears and sweat his restless fears, doubt and regret within the cup of quiet grace he glimpsed a single solemn face the queen of … Continue reading #135 (within the cup of quiet grace)

#106 (there is a whole in the world)

… a husk that used to be mother, grandmother, sister disguised under paper and frill the face of death is not pretty so we build masks out of chores and rituals trying to fill them with meaning though they only distract us from feeling the pain there is a whole in the world whenever someone … Continue reading #106 (there is a whole in the world)

#104 (thistles around a bruised heart)

… thistles he had grown around a bruised heart … thorns pricking soft flesh scarlet streams running wild … trauma stamping black holes into grey matter blissful denial ends suffering … timeless looming between sparks of firing neurons the ghost of a memory like a lingering scent of lost lavender … *4th January 2017  

#95 (recipe against heartbreak)

• then you had left and I was facing the void that black gaping beast that never slept took all my sleep made all food taste bitter • breathing felt like drowning every doorway was haunted by your presence behind every window your smile kept piercing me although my blood had gone cold as my … Continue reading #95 (recipe against heartbreak)

#90 (on top throned a petal)

… noon was stretching its pale claws made of smoke and exhaustion I've seen my lover die under a big, flat tire cuz' he tripped on some sleet his feet caught in a wire and his head hit the street … how my tears have grown cold throughout wanderin' the valleys of sorrow how my … Continue reading #90 (on top throned a petal)