#177 (traces of lavender)

grey puddles

taunting his wet ankles


the droning of constant

rainfall blocking out the

soft vows he whispered

in the sweetest of embraces

traces of lavender

rekindling the memory

of that night under the stars

when all the lights had seemed

to dance for the two of them

the full moon their witness

cirrus clouds crowning cheerful heads


24th July 2017



#130 (heart-shaped holes)

photo credit: Matthias Geh


the promises we make

 fly easily from our lips

forgotten when we wake

from sleep’s transcending grip

unkind but feeling blue

through deeper woods we stumble

we fake it ’til it’s true

see loyalty slowly crumble

as lies are been renewed

without compassion fueling

the furnace of our souls

we’re left with darkness ruling

our love replaced by holes

21st February 2017

#114 (let’s)

photo credit: Matthias Geh

this is the moment

when we proclaim

our undying love

and contemplate suicide

let’s skip it

and happily ever after as well

let’s make love in the rain

thunder clouds the only witnesses


let’s pour some passion

into the half-full cup

and let it overflow

let’s stop pretending unicorns exist

and ride them under the stars instead

our heartbeats in unison

with the clapping of silvery hooves

let’s spend afternoons

lying in an endless embrace

let’s forget about the world

fo once, let’s live

*13th January 2017

#113 (blistering kisses)

photo credit: Matthias Geh



blistering kisses

scorching his lips

volcanic goddess

devouring all his passion

smiling like a black smoker

deep under basaltine lava

undisturbed currents longing for

the salty touch of the open seas

where his heart pours into

as liquid lust evaporates

his desire filling the ocean

like a school of mauve stingers

ravaging every last bit of his love

the smoke an exclamation mark

*12th January 2017

#97 (velvet and seawater)


velvet and seawater

your lips

dancing over my body

reigniting forgotten passion

your eyes like flames

I’m burning indigo

in your irises

the way your head

gently sways

while juggling thoughts

I want to drown

and take root

in those dream realms

of yours

the one

the flood

didn’t take away

 that moment

I forged into a necklace

of unbroken desire

and hooked it

to my heart

*28th December 2016

#93 (haunted daydreams)



night is retreating

and the light comes back

to haunt our daydreams


spreading from

your fingertips

through my numbed hands

tingling on my skin


minutes and hours

shuffling moments

like a set of cards

and dealing them out

building a house

of memories


no wind

is gonna take

it away

*24th December 2016