#175 (basic laws of magic)

call upon

what you need

feed the things

you want to keep

honor your elders

the living and the dead

do no harm except

to protect yourself

write your name

into the wind

and the waves

let the wild

seep into your life

permeate your being

see beauty in every shape

in every colour

it comes

be beautiful yourself


22nd July 2017

A little note on my use of the concept of beauty: it is far from aesthetically pleasing, but describes the things, 
or people that are breathtaking, sometimes extremely ordinary and often neglected. My concept of beauty is probably
closest to the one, Margaret Wolfe Hungerford may have described when she wrote "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"






come through


rekindling gentle flames

two men, two bottles and

a tapestry of dreams

I hunger for my tears’

sweet relief


“I want that one!”

you were pointing at a wonder

no greek god, but close enough

your clarity kept me at bay

If fate is a space

maybe it’s settled within

the projection of desires

on white canvas

nocturnal air soothes

my burning lungs

a warm hug

was all it took

until we meet again

the magic of light and shadow

*matthias geh, 13th January 2016