#263 (bamboo)

pressure and rigidity ruling my lower back so I wish upon the plyable strenght of bamboo   © Matthias Geh, 16th May 2018  


#241 (mirror)

now start caring don't wait until the abyss stares back and you can hear hell's bells ringing their numbing tune look yourself in the eye take in everything you are every hurt, every joy, every wrinkle these fragments that make up yourself mend them in loving gaze take responsibility for yourself now   © Matthias … Continue reading #241 (mirror)

#142 (a soothing trickle)

black and white on every channel the calming snowflakes of his early childhood no broadcast nowhere ♦◊ everywhere he looks deleted tweets and blank pages an empty space no chatter nobody ◊♦ quiet reverberating through his relieved ears no sounds nothing ♦♦ pulling the plug every other day a cure for overwhelmed nerves turning the … Continue reading #142 (a soothing trickle)